The Really Stupid Idea

So, I need to write a book.

Now that I’ve gotten a temporary reprieve from the all-consuming novel and have had some time to frig around on Playstation (Day 90 and I haven’t gotten Wilson killed in Don’t Starve!) it’s time to write a book.

I’ve been toying around with writing tools and exercises in the last few months. I did some short prompts and turned another prompt into a short story. I organized my files on my laptop. I bought a desk chair so I no longer have to sit in an accent chair that sits about 2 inches lower than it should be.

Getting into a groove, on the other hand, has proven more difficult. I can bang out shorter pieces if I block off some time. I no longer have the rage of living in an apartment I hate with neighbours who won’t turn their music down/shouting at one another to fuel the sort of manic writing sprints I had in the past and resulted in 10 books in a 4 year period (not all of them great books, mind you.) I also don’t have deadlines, so there’s that.

For my next trick, it has to be at least 50K words. After two years with Shadows May Fall at the forefront, I’m not yet ready to tackle it’s continuation just yet. That can wait, along with mini-stories, because I’m sick to death of those people at the moment.

So, 50K — sounds familiar? The end goal is what Nanowrimo is about. I’ve never taken part in this in November, but I’m getting ready to do just that in April. I read Chris Baty’s No Plot? No Problem! on the weekend — a lot of it resonated with how I had written in the past, particularly during the hectic period when I was writing three books at once. I decided to give the 50K in 30 days thing a whirl, and when I told someone else and they asked if they could join in, I was screwed.

Now I have to do this. Because I told someone. Damn it.

I have an empty Rubbermaid bin ready to be filled with snacks. I have playlists saved for when the headphones come on. I have a list of meals to make and freeze so I don’t have to live on Swanson dinners for 30 days.  I have a general plot. I’d already written the intro (aka the easy part) months ago, so it’s just about getting things past that point. And I have a writing buddy who will swear at me if I don’t make my word count.

I even have a title, The Thorn Garden, displayed in the sidebar along with an intimidating word meter.

March is research month. It’s another historical so it does need some foundation before I start, but Baty’s method only allows you one month to prepare. It’s also wrapping-up-loose-ends month, in which I have one more mini project I’ve been picking at that I want to get wrapped up. Then, it’s go time.

Christ, help me.


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